ADG 6.5 SAUM Brass




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ADG 6.5 SAUM Brass

Carefully read this description! You will likely have to change your load for ADG brass.

ADG 6.5 SAUM (Short Action Ultra Mag) brass was designed not only for consistency, but for durability. One of the ways ADG accomplished this was adding material to the case in specific areas to strengthen it. With the additional material, ADG brass is heavier than most other manufacturers brass and therefore will require lower charge weights to achieve the same pressures and velocities due to the reduced volume inside the brass. ADG recommmends using a reputable load data source and working up from their recommended minimum starting loads. Failure to reduce charge weights established using other manufacturers brass will likely result in higher pressures and velocities while using ADG 6.5 SAUM brass and may result in unsafe pressure levels. Ships in its own hard, flip top case. You may take out the foam insert used to protect the brass during shipment and use the box to transport loaded rounds to the range. All brass is tracked with a custom lot number for quality control which is located on the underside of the box.

  • Caliber- 6.5mm
  • Finish- Standard
  • Quanity- 50 count
  • Case weight- 213.9 grains (average)
  • Case volume- 73.0 grains/H2O (average)
  • Neck wall thickness- .0138 inch (average)


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