Armscor 308 Winchester New Reloading Brass 52184 Brass 200 Pieces


Per Round Cost: 0.285
Weight:5.00 LBS
Caliber:308 Winchester
Case Type:Brass
Condition:New, unprimed

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Brand Armscor
Caliber 308 Winchester
Model 52184
Type Unprimed
Material Brass
Quantity 200 Per Bag

The Armscor Precision reloading components line is manufactured in the Philippines. Armscor provides you with a wide selection of components which are competitively price and quality produced. Armscor is an ISO 9001 certified company which complies with SAAMI and CIP standards and requirements. Armscor Precision reloading components are designed and manufactured to precise specifications in order to deliver specific performance characteristics. These characteristics vary depending on the individual bullet design, weight, and specifics. Regardless of your application Armscor makes high quality components for the do-it-yourself re-loader.


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