Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammunition FI28VIPH9 2-3/4″ 1300FPS 3/4oz #9 CASE 250 rounds


Per Round Cost: 0.356
Weight:20.00 LBS
Caliber:28 Gauge
Shell Length:2-3/4″
Shot Type:9 Shot
Shot Weight:3/4 oz


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Fiocchi High Velocity Exacta loads are high quality, high precision, and low price. Chilled lead shot, and pre-fractured wads make for consistent patterning, ideal for all sporting purposes, particularly game birds, and clay pigeons. Fiocchi Exacta is sure to raise your score and fill your bag!

When considering the purchase of promotional grade shotshells, why compromise? Fiocchi provides both quality and value. In fact, we use the same manufacturing standards that we use for our premium loads, while utilizing high quality components. If your limit isn’t being filled, it may be the holes in your pattern! Try Fiocchi Game and Target loads for true and consisitent patterns you can count on. We sell our promotional load on value, not price alone.

28 Gauge
2-3/4″ Shell
#9 Chilled Lead Shot
1300 fps at muzzle
3/4 oz. Shot


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