HSM 17 Remington Ammunition HSM-17R-2-N 25 Grain Hollow Point 50 Rounds


Per Round Cost: 1.160
Weight:1.16 LBS
Caliber:17 Rem
Bullet Weight:25 Gr
Bullet Type:Hollow Point
Case Type:Brass


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Brand HSM
Caliber 17 Rem
Model HSM-17R-2-N
Bullet Weight 25 Grain
Bullet Type Hollow Point
Reloadable Yes
Case Type Brass
Rounds Per Box 50 Rounds Per Box

The Hunting Shack began business in 1968 when Bill Campbell first commercially produced ammunition. He had been loading for personal use and friends for many years prior to the beginning of this venture. That same year we incorporated and “The Hunting Shack, Inc.” was in business. The name originated from the appearance of the building as it resembled a shack.

As The Hunting Shack, Inc. grew, many law enforcement officials were recognizing our products to be some of the best available. Word of mouth spread very quickly throughout the law enforcement community about The Hunting Shack, Inc. products and service.


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