Stars and Stripes 12 Gauge CP33220 3” BB Shot 1-1/8 oz 1500FPS 250 Rounds


Per Round Cost: 0.280
Weight:27.00 LBS
Caliber:12 Gauge
Shell Length:3″
Shot Type:BB Shot
Shot Weight:1-1/8 oz


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Brand Stars and Stripes
Model Number CP33220
Gauge 12 Gauge
Shot Type Steel
Shot Size #BB
Rounds Per Box 25 Rounds Per Box
Boxes Per Case 10  Boxes Per Case
Shell Length (inches) 3″
Muzzle Velocity  1500 Fps
Shot Weight 1-1/8 oz

These 12 gauge field loads are a good choice for taking down pheasants as well as other game birds like dove, grouse, and quail. Each of these shotshells features a strong hull, a reliable primer, and 1-1/8 ounces of #BB size Steel shot; this load is appropriate for medium range hunting and can be trusted to penetrate past a bird’s dense feathers into vital zones for quick, humane drops. These shells measure 3 inches in length and are not only compatible with a wide range of shotguns but optimized for the tightest tolerances of top tier fowling pieces which are exclusively bored for the same length.


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