Ultramax 380 Auto U380R2 95 gr FMJ 50 rounds


Per Round Cost: 0.240
Weight:1.20 LBS
Caliber:380 Auto
Bullet Weight:95 Gr
Bullet Type:Full Metal Jacket
Case Type:Brass


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Product Information

Ultramax ammunition represents serious quality for serious shooters. Since 1986 Ultramax has provided top of the line ammunition with a reputation for accuracy, round after round at an unequaled value. All Ultramax ammunition is loaded to SAAMI specs and a visual inspection is performed on every loaded cartridge before it leaves the building.

All Ultramax remanufactured ammunition goes through a 10-Step Quality Assurance System. Once fired brass is inspected for flaws and is washed to clear the primer pockets and flash holes from any debris. Ultramax sizes each piece of brass to the same SAAMI specs as new brass. Remanufactured ammunition is often loaded with mixed head stamped brass. This ammunition is non-corrosive in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

Condition: Remanufactured

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 380 ACP
  • Bullet Weight: 95 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Lead Round Nose
  • Case Type: Brass

Ultramax 380 Auto U380R2 95 gr FMJ 50 per box


Ultramax 380 Auto U380R2 95 gr FMJ 50 per box


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